Checking out the Wedding Expos in town?

Wedding Expos can be very overwhelming for any couple and so here a few tips and tricks for keeping the experience fun and rewarding!

There are so many Wedding Expos and Bridal Fairs throughout the year especially here in Johannesburg and so its great to go to a few and get a feel for different suppliers or revisit suppliers that set up stands in multiple expos.

Tip one:

Where to start?

Have a plan… Are you looking for someone specific or generally gathering ideas? Have you checked out who is showcasing at the Expo before you arrive?

Go as a Couple or take a Friend or Family member with you but not a huge crowd otherwise you will spend most of your time trying to get everyone to keep up!

When I enter an Expo I try to make my way through each aisle starting from the entrance. Keeping an eye on your expo guide and making a note of where you have been so that when you take a well deserved coffee break you know where to come back to!

Always bring a bottle of water with you… Fighting the crowds is hard work!

Tip Two:

How do I remember the suppliers that I really liked?

Keep a pen handy! Or have two separate expo bags or a folders with you…

When you are handed a buisness card or leaflet from a supplier you really like – put a star in the corner of the card and pop it into the ‘must check again’ bag!

Make a note of their stall stand on your expo guide so you can always go back to speak with them again later if you wish.

Tip Three:

Do I fill out every data capture form from every supplier?

You don’t want to miss out on promotions – I get it! However, don’t feel obliged to fill in your personal details for every venue or photographer etc that you pass.

A. You will then get inundated with emails for the next couple of weeks and,

B. If you are really not interested or have already booked your venue etc… tell them, this saves both your email inbox and their time!

However… If you haven’t found your perfect venue or photographer or décor designer then definitively complete the forms, let them know you are keen to know more and interested in what they have to offer. Spend a minute or two chatting to the suppliers and getting an incite for personality, experience and what they can do for you!

Tip Four:

Do these suppliers really want my business?!

Now this sounds like a silly thing to consider, as Wedding Expos for suppliers are an expensive marketing experience however, I find first impressions make a huge impact on couples…

When you walk past multiple different types of suppliers are they trying to engage with you, are they interested in your Wedding ideas, budget and values or are they just pushing you paperwork as you pass by to pile up in your expo bag that you may never read!?!

Again. This is YOUR Big Day and the personality and responsiveness of your suppliers involved in making this Special Day happen starts from the moment you make an enquiry.

Tip Five:

Can I afford them?

You will see the very best from each supplier showcased on their stands…

And fall in love with so many ideas and possibilities.

So it ultimately comes down to what you can afford!

(It is never a good idea to put yourself into dept on your Wedding Day and spend years paying it off!)

You will see multiple suppliers in each category needed for your Wedding Day.

Narrow down the ones you love and then talk to them about your budget and if they can work for you!

Tip Six:

After the Expo… Now What?

You’ve collected all the business cards and flyers and hopefully separated the suppliers you liked and those you didn’t into different expo bags or folders…

Over the following weeks you will get emails and promotions and hopefully some personal calls from suppliers you spent time with, with details of their services to refresh your memory!

Categories these… make notes of their websites, their prices and their ‘Expo Special Offers’ and when these ‘Specials’ end.

Then go and make contact and remind them of who you are and that you’re interested… The rest will follow… and you will have made great use of your visit at a Wedding Expo!

P.s. Definitely try every delicious cake and sweetie sample your offered, watch the fashion shows and some suppliers also give out some awesome marketing goodies too… Now, don’t be greedy but be sure to make the most of it!!

Go Forth and Have Fun!!

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